Equipment List

Arri Amira                                         HD/2k/UHD

Canon C300mkii                              HD/2K/UHD

Canon C500                                      HD/2K/UHD

Pansonic Lumix GH5 x 3 car rig      HD/2K/UHD

Go Pro Hero 7 x 2

Small HD 503 Bright 5" wireless directors' monitor

Small HD 502 5" wireless directors' monitor

Teradek Bolt 500 TX/RX

Odyssey 7Q 7.7" monitor with recording options

Flanders Scientific CM171 17" Studio monitor

Sennheiser MKE 600

Sennheiser 416

Sennheiser ME66

Ambient Sound Tiny Mic

Audiowireless TX/RX x2 (CH38)

w/Cos-11 microphones

Sennehsier G3 TX/RX x2 w/ME2 mics

Sony Wireless Boom


6x mini Hawkwoods Vlock batteries 150Kwh

6x mini Hawkwoods Vlock batteries 100Kwh

10x Canon C500 batteries

10x Vlock batteries IDX 90-146Kwh

10x Lumix GH5 batteries

2x C300mkii BP30 batteries

2x Hawkwoods Quad fast charger

1x IDX Dual fast charger

EF Mount

Canon KAS CN7 17-120mm Cine Zoom EF Mount

Canon CNE 14mm T3.1, 35mm T1.5, 50mm T1.3, 85mm T1.3, 135mm T2.2

Canon L 24-105mm L f4.0

Canon L 24-70mm L f2.8

Canon L 70-200mm IS II f2.8

Canon 2x Extender III

Sigma Art 18-35mm f1.8

Micro 4/3 Mount

Voightlander f0.95 10.5mm 17.5mm and 25mm x2

1 x Dedolight Pan Aura Octodome 575W 5600K and 1K tungsten

5 x Kino Flo Diva 20 LED RGB 2700k - 6500K w/hardcases

3 x Dedolight DL150W tungsten heads

3 x Westcott Flex LED mats 5500K

1 x Fomex bicolour flex panel and gem ball 3200K - 5600K

1 x Kinoflo Diva light 3200K - 5500K

4 x Quasar 4ft LED tubes 2000K-6000K

2 x Alladin A-lite

Sachtler 18P

Rhino Slider with Rhino motion (motor)

Easy Rig Vario 5

Ronin-S Gimbal

5x C-Stands

Avenger Boom Arm

6x6 Black/White/Gold/Net/Diffusion

Black 4x4 floppy

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